Have you ever wondered:

How do computers work?

What do computers do?

What are computers made of?

What exactly is a computer?

What's inside of computers?

Can computers think?

How can computers do what they do?
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But How Do It Know?

Completely and exactly explains:

What is a bit?
What is a byte?
What is RAM?
What is a CPU?
What is a clock?
What is a computer?
What is a program?
How do the parts work together?
And much much more...

The mysteries will be gone, you will understand.
How do computers work. How computers work. Hardware book.
  • Mr. Scott's book should be the standard first textbook on computers for everyone from now on. - Software architect
  • There really isn't a whole lot inside of those computers. - Muriel, age 85
  • I strongly recommend this book... Scott's approach is ideal for everyone.- Glenn, PhD from MIT
  • I'll never look at a computer the same way, they're so simple! - Andy, age 18
  • I now have a good foundation in understanding computers. - Mark, musician
  • I feel like I could build a computer. - John, computer enthusiast
There is a fantastic new video on YouTube called "How a CPU Works" created by the talented folks at the "In One Lesson"
channel. It illustrates many of the ideas that are found in the pages this book. It is a very enjoyable 20 minute tour through
the mysterious innards of the computer.
  "I highly recommend it." - J Clark Scott

=NEW!= There is now a second video called "What's inside a CPU" . You can check their whole channel here:  "In One
Lesson Channel"  to see new videos as they are published.
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But How Do It Know? is the book you have been looking for if you want to know how computers work.

You can surf the web and find dozens of books and websites that will point out the major parts of a computer and tell you what they are called. But
none of them explain what the parts are actually doing, or how and why they do it.

On the other hand, you can find the complete Computer Science curriculum of MIT online. But even its introductory course assumes that you already
have a background in engineering.

But How Do It Know? is the breakthrough book that distills Computer Science down to the simple basic principles that all computers have in common,
and presents the big picture step by step in plain English so that anyone can understand this ingenious, yet basically simple invention called a

You can read the first three chapters on the
preview page . You can see more of the contents on Amazon and Google Play. We welcome comparisons
with the other options, that's what we did, and is why this book got written and published. There is simply nothing like:
But How Do It Know? – The Basic Principles of Computers for Everyone.

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                           Our friend Patrick LeBoutillier (see acknowledgement on CPU Build Videos page) has created another wonderful video series!
This one is called: Companion Video Series to "But How Do It Know?" and has 32 videos. It is another complete CPU build, this time using breadboards,
wires, light emitting diodes and many of the individual components described in the book. I
f you watch it along with reading the book, the principles
presented will be even easier to understand. And it is very enlightening all by itself.
(All 32 videos will play in this window. There are controls on the video to select any of the 32, and another to open it in a new YouTube window)